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"My husband and I previously worked with another charity sweet franchise  doing similar work but we decided to leave that company as we were not happy with the quality of the products nor the display boxes. We had come across the Snack Aid products and Make A Wish boxes whilst travelling and were impressed. We contacted Snack Aid and met to discuss moving our existing customer base across to their franchise, which we have now done. What a difference this has made to our sales. Jim, the owner, is so hands on if you are struggling with anything, all you have to do is phone him and he is  there to help out. We now have over 520 customers, who are very satisfied with the quality of the stock and the cake bars are a great seller"

(John and Bev, East Scotland)



When I came upon this opportunity I was already working as a full time taxi driver and initially thought this was the perfect flexible job for my wife. After researching the market thoroughly, it became obvious to me that it was very important to have a good children's charity displayed on the snack boxes. The Snack Aid franchise met this requirement and was the only one to meet all my other requirements too. Ironically, not long after meeting Jim and the Snack Aid team, I was doing this as a flexible job myself, together with my wife and eventually ended up packing in the taxi job and doing this on a full time basis with her. The job itself is quite addictive and challenging, and Jim is always there to help for he has managed to create a fine piece of science from such an initially rather simple-looking business. Getting away from the taxi business means I no longer have to work unsociable hours!

(Plamen & Katya, Plymouth)



"Wanting a change of job, I come across Snack Aid and after only a few emails from Jim Lawlor the franchisor, I arranged a visit to the Snack Aid office in Milton Keynes. I spent a full day with Jim, including going out on the road visiting some sites, and got a good feel of what it would be like to be a franchisee. I also liked the failsafe that I could easily recoup my entire investment if I decided this business wasn't for me, by simply selling off my stock, as there are no fees or restrictions on closing the business, all very fair and comforting. I'm only a couple of months into the business but things are going great! To get the ball rolling Jim sent up the siting team who done a fantastic job of placing my initial snack boxes and this really helped to get me on the front foot. The customers have been brilliant, they are so happy with the quality of the sweets and flapjacks. In fact since we have placed our Make A Wish snack boxes in a few locations where there was already a competitors snack box, they have since removed their box because they just can't compete with the quality of our sweets! Snack Aid are fanatical about getting the products just right and it has paid off. I'm making a good living now, but my aim over the next few months is to grow the number of boxes placed to around 400/500 and using the support from Jim and the great database tool this will be easy and stress free to do, It really is a fun and enjoyable job and it feels great being able to work while raising money for this charity. If you are thinking of becoming a franchisee, my advise is to just go for it, you've nothing to lose and everything to gain"

(Jordan, North East)



"Earlier this year I came across Snack Aid. This Franchise seemed very interesting, very ethical & also relatively inexpensive.

I then contacted Jim Lawlor who sent me details of this franchise. What I liked about this was that the business model supported a wonderful Charity 'Make A Wish'. Also, unlike most franchises , there were no upfront fees & we did not have to pay a percentage to the Franchisor.

I then visited Jim Lawlor, and his team, at the office in Milton Keynes. Jim was very upfront with what I could achieve with this franchise and also what the potential pitfalls might be. I came back from this meeting thinking that This was  a very clean, ethical business run by an efficient and ethical person.

After some thought I decided to take up this franchise & after 3 months in this business I can honestly say that I have no regrets and Jim has been a rock solid support throughout & has helped me out numerous times. He is indeed a Friend firstly & business man secondly !

Snack Aid provided me with  a good Data Base, which removes the headache of manually working out your weekly rounds as it just prints them off automatically, Laminator, Coin Counting Machine etc ....and all this was included within the franchise package and what we pay the franchisor is basically the cost of the initial Stock of Sweets & Flapjacks. All the flat pack boxes are also included and small details like stickers etc are all in this package And of Course some Make a wish polo shirts as well !!  What else could one want !!

Hey, if you are looking for a low cost Profitable Franchise , minimal overheads, Tension free & Clean Franchise then I would without any hesitation recommend Snack Aid !

(Harinder, Leicester)



"We ran a greeting card franchise for 12 years. Being our own bosses we wanted another franchise that would bring us in a good income but would not involve working really long hours. Snack Aid gave us this with a great product and packaging which has enabled us to continue running our own business and also support a great children's charity.

People are very receptive to taking in boxes and compliment us on the quality of the snacks. Sometimes people ring us up for refills because the snacks have gone well. To ensure the business runs smoothly we use the very good and easy database supplied by Snack Aid which puts the customers into 1,2 or 3 weekly call backs.

The support from Snack Aid is excellent, plenty of guidance in the early days and quick to respond to any query."

(Martin & Jane, Redditch)



"After becoming disillusioned with my current job, I decided to research the idea about running my own business. I looked at many franchises, but the problem being, most incurred a lot of cost to set up. I then came across , and was immediately impressed at the idea behind the franchise. I got in touch with the franchisor who was very helpful and honest about the franchise.

I decided to invest in Snack Aid for several reasons.

1. the charity donation

2. the flexibility of the job

3. the relatively small initial outlay

4. Confidence in the franchisor

Getting started I have received a lot of support from Jim Lawlor the franchisor. He has given me advice, is very approachable and always makes time to to talk and answer any enquiries. The first month of trading, I worked hard to site boxes and found most people very receptive of the idea. With Snack Aid you have a database system that organises when you need to visit customers. This is a very handy tool when you have hundreds of sites to visit. I feel I have made the right decision joining Snack Aid and I am now positve about the future."

(Paul, Portsmouth Franchisee)



"The positive response to the charity has been amazing. Within weeks I had placed over 200 boxes, which is where the database has proved invaluable! Supporters of the charity mention how good the quality of the snacks are compared to other snack boxes out there. I would say the quality of the boxes and the actual packaging outrivals those out there too which all helps when competing with other charities. As it says on the tin, it is a numbers game and, as I have found it is very easy finding supporters who will take a box, it won't take me long to really grow my business.

Jim at Snack Aid is very supportive and leads you through your early days with tips and guidance and is always quick to respond to any questions you may have. What I love best is the flexibility it gives you - start and finish when you want to. I can't imagine going back to work for someone else now. I love being my own boss."

(Angie, East Kent Franchisee)


"Having retired early from my job I wanted to do something ethical with my time. I find Snack Aid the ideal franchise with flexible working hours and making a good living with no pressure is a fabulous position to be in. I wish I had discovered Snack Aid sooner because I genuinely enjoy raising the profile and money for Make A Wish Foundation. The quality of products, backing  from Snack Aid and representing Make A Wish Foundation make this a very worthwhile job for someone with a bit of get up and go."

(George, Northern Ireland)



"After working in IT for 20+ years, I decided on a change of direction. The Snack Aid franchise has enabled me to choose my own hours, see more of my family, be out in the fresh air and earn a good wage. They have given me lots of support and advice and the sweets and snacks are very good quality. I am so pleased I choseSnack Aid to start up my franchise with as they are very professional, friendly and helpful and their database is vital to managing my rounds! " (Becky, East Sussex)









Testimonials from some of our franchisees


Your own bespoke database.

Flexible hours Ongoing support.

No Franchise fees or any other fees.

Only pay for stock & display boxes.

Cost only £4,259 including VAT

Top quality products

Sales boosted by charity partnership.

Earn £30,000 - £35,000 per annum

Represent a great children's charity

Work hours to suit your family life

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