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Snack Aid currently offer DISCOUNTED franchise packages across the UK, which make our franchise packages the LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE in this sector for the amount of stock offered! More importantly, we also help find you customers and place up to 400 boxes for you, ensuring your business is booming within your first month!


WE DO NOT CHARGE FEES of any sort, and that’s forever! What’s more, as you will have one of the world's biggest and most popular children’s charities fronting your business, we are confident we have the best all round package too!


This would be ideal both for a person operating alone or a couple working together, providing a unique opportunity to establish a thriving business with low start-up costs. The anticipated income for an individual  working alone is £30,000 to £35,000 per year for a 7 to 8 hour day


Special discounted prices starting at £3,716 (£4,259 inc. VAT). Normally £5,567 inc. VAT.


How it works

We will assign you a large local EXCLUSIVE territory and provide you with stock (sweets, flapjacks, cakes) and snack boxes on competitive terms; the price includes the charity donation too, so all the money collected is yours to keep.


In the first few weeks your business will be build by placing the snack boxes in workplaces or anywhere that people visit e.g. offices, pubs, school staffrooms, doctor surgeries, factories, hairdressers, golf courses, hotels, garages and anywhere else where people gather. Choose either a package that includes GUARANTEED CUSTOMERS with boxes sited for you by our representative, or one where you can find your own customers and site your own boxes.


As the boxes are branded with Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, customers are happy to host them. This is not the same as cold calling as you are simply leaving a charity snack box at a customers premises, just as if you were placing a vending machine, and giving them a free service. The fact that the charity is for children, ensures a welcome mood and makes placing boxes easy. An introductory letter from the charity is also supplied to each customer confirming that you represent them.


Customers choose a product from the box and place their cash in the moneybox. Every two or three weeks, you remove YOUR cash from the box and restock with more products – it’s that simple! We will have already paid the donation to the charity as the donation will be included in the price we charge you for the snacks, so the money you collect is yours. This way of selling is termed ‘Cause Related Marketing’ and is an increasingly popular way for charities to fundraise. The charity partners with the retail company and receives part of the profits.

You can adapt the working hours to your individual circumstances, meaning that the business is also suited to parents that need to work around the school system.


Franchise Packages

We offer different options so you can decide what suits you best. Have boxes sited for you or site them yourself! There will be nothing more to pay out for other than additional stock and occasional display boxes (no hidden costs).


Package 1 – The franchisee sites the boxes

•£4,259 including VAT offers a mix of 7360 sweets, flapjacks and cakes plus 350 Make-A-Wish display boxes.

•This is the lowest price in this sector for the amount of stock offered

Package 2 – 300 boxes sited with 18 snacks per box plus 50 spare display boxes

•£4,910 including vat offers a mix of 5440 sweets, flapjacks and cakes and includes the cost of our representatives finding you 300 sites.

•This is the lowest price in this sector for the amount of stock offered and box placing included

Package 3 – 300 boxes sited with 25 snacks per box plus 50 spare display boxes.

•£5,855 including vat offers a mix of 7600 sweets, flapjacks and cakes and includes the cost of our representatives finding you 300 sites.

•This is the lowest price in this sector for the amount of stock offered and box placing included

Package 4 – 400 boxes sited with 25 snacks per box plus 50 spare display boxes

•£7,737 including vat offers a mix of 10080 sweets, flapjacks and cakes and includes the cost of our representatives finding you 400 sites.

•This is the lowest price in this sector for the amount of stock offered and box placing included



• Bespoke database to automate your rounds - ONLY AVAILABLE AT SNACK AID.

• Your own business with low start up costs.

• Flexible working hours to give you more control over family life

• No Franchise expenses meaning there are no management fees, royalties, or renewal

 costs. Therefore no unpleasant surprises.

• Discounted prices start from just £4,259 including VAT ( normally £5567) for stock and display boxes.  No one offers a better price for the amount of stock involved.

• As you represent a very well respected children's charity, this will have a positive effect         upon your sales.

• We are very well connected in the confectionary world and are able to provide a wide

 range of high quality products including some unique lines.

• Help and advice constantly available


Training and requirements

You will find this the easiest income you ever earned whilst enjoying more freedom in your life. Although this is a simple business to run, full training will be provided and no previous experience is necessary. An individual can realistically expect to earn, and in a reasonably short time, £30,000 to £35,000 per year once the business is established with around 400 boxes sited and working a 7 to 8 hour day, easily fitting around your family life. This is a numbers game so the more boxes you have sited the greater your earnings will be.


You will be under no obligation to enter into an agreement unless you feel completely comfortable, in regard to both your expected income and what running your business will entail under the direction of Snack Aid. You will be shown the ropes by accompanying us on our rounds to supply our current clients and will thus get to know exactly how the business operates before agreeing to any kind of contract. We pride ourselves on being constantly available to offer help and advice to our franchisees.


Bespoke database

Unlike other companies in this field, we have invested in and offer all our franchisees the use of a bespoke database system. This is a fantastic tool that saves a lot of time, removes the real headache of working out which customers are due a visit and prints out those customers in a logical route order. Its also simple to use. It results in a reduced an automated workload and makes it easier to grow your business. Other companies expect you to work out your own system which ends up with franchisees having to use an antiquated paper system employing sheets of paper and folders. This can be a real headache when you have two or three hundred customers whereas our database makes it simple to have even ten thousand customers!


What we require from you

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to join Snack Aid and earn a good living with the added benefit of helping a worthwhile cause. As we are not charging any franchise fee and therefore are not hard selling this, you will need to satisfy us that you are right for this opportunity. For example, we will want you to operate the business on a full time basis, have a friendly pleasant personality and a desire to be successful. If this sounds like you, we’d be delighted to talk to you, so please get in touch.


All you need to get up and running is some storage - a garage or spare room is ideal (or alternatively you can rent storage space cheaply), a dependable car, computer with a printer and the money to fund the introductory purchase.


Siting Display boxes

The designated territory will be exclusive to you and you will operate specifically within your immediate neighbourhood. Our research has shown that children's charities are the most respected and best supported charities. This gives you a significant advantage over other chartity boxes that are not children based. This makes you stand out from the crowd and ensure your success and longevity. As a result potential customers will be far more willing to accept your box, or replace an existing box with yours, which makes your job of placing boxes much easier.


In addition, as we are very well connected in the confectionary world, the products that you supply will be of superior quality, both in terms of taste and the range on offer. We also offer some bespoke lines and mixes.Our strategy has always been to stock the best sellers and create popular lines that are not available to our competitors and this is what will be available to you.


Start up costs

We will supply you with a start up package entirely free of charge and your sole outlay will be your stock and display boxes. This means, since all your outlay is in the form of goods, it is constantly available as an asset within your business.


The start up costs for the sweet franchise packages start from only £4,259 including VAT (usually £5567) for stock and display boxes. There are no hidden charges.

There will be nothing more to pay out for other than additional stock, which will be covered by your profits once you have made your initial outlay plus one further stock order. As in any new business you will need to ensure that you can meet your living expenses for the first six weeks or so while the business is building.


If you do some research you will see that some of our competitors will charge £15000 - £25000, plus regular management fees, for a comparable business opportunity as they will want to make a large profit in the very beginning. We are more interested in helping you get started so we do not add on profit before you have had a chance to make any.


As our financial success rests solely upon the orders we receive from our franchisees, we are only successful if they are. So it is important for us to attract the right type of person and provide them with the best advice and support to maximise their chances of success – this is your guarantee that we are not making empty promises. We feel confident that once you have looked into all the options you will agree that Snack Aid represents by far the best value for money and the best formula for success.


We stand out from the crowd

All the information above should prove to you that the Snack Aid franchise opportunity stands out from the crowd and offers a very secure investment to its franchisees as well as excellent value for money. We believe our package and top quality products will always keep your business in ‘pole position’ amongst any competition you may encounter.

Contact us now for an informal chat.

Guaranteed customers and no fees ever!


Your own bespoke database.

Flexible hours Ongoing support.

No Franchise fees or any other fees.

Only pay for stock & display boxes.

Cost only £4,259 including VAT

Top quality products

Sales boosted by charity partnership.

Earn £30,000 - £35,000 per annum

Represent a great children's charity

Work hours to suit your family life

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