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I'm interested but need more information.

You can find out more by either calling our office on 08455199377 or Jim Lawlor on 07931244095 and we will answer any questions you have. Or why not arrange to visit us at our head office where you will get a much better feel for the whole business. We can even take you out to service some of our own customers which will give you a clear idea of whats involved.


Can I choose my own territory?

Yes. No doubt you will want a territory in your local area, close to home. We will help you choose an area from the postcodes that are still available.


Is my territory exclusive to me?

Yes, no other Snack Aid franchisee will be able to place boxes in your exclusive territory.


How many sites will I need?

300 sites is what you should aim to build up to within the first 2 - 3 months and this will give you a good income. A good strategy in this business to improve your income without working longer hours, is to simply place more boxes. This will afford you the luxury to be able to leave your boxes for longer than normal before refilling them, to give them more time to be used up. Therefore, you will be collecting larger amounts of cash on each visit. 450 boxes is what to aim for longer term.


How long will my working day last?

As this is your business you will have the luxury to decide what hours and what days to work, which makes this a very desirable business to run if you have children at school. The more time you put in, the more income you will generate. For a well managed round, a 7-8 hour day should generate an income between £600 - £700 per week.


What additional fees will I have to pay?

We do not charge you any fees. All you need pay us for is your stock and boxes.


Is there much paperwork in this business?

No. This is a simple business to run and there are few overheads and invoices. Paperwork is very minimal.


What about delivery costs?

We will deliver your stock free of charge.


Do I need a special vehicle?

No, an ordinary family car is sufficient. An estate car would be ideal.


Will I need a business premises?

No, you can easily run this business from home. A spare room is ideal, or a garage. Alternatively you can rent a small self storage unit for as low as £20 per week.


Will I have to do any selling?

No, you are simply leaving a box at a customers premises without any obligation from them, just as if you were placing a vending machine. The fact that the charity is for children, ensures a welcome mood and makes placing boxes easy, as customers prefer to support children's charities. This is a great free service to the customer as it saves them having to nip out to buy snacks and they appreciate this.


How will I keep track of several hundred customers and work out when they are due a delivery?

Unlike others in this field, we give our franchisees the option to use our bespoke database package. This is a fantastic tool that saves a lot of time working out which customers are due a visit and printing out those customers in a logical order. Its simple to use.  


Is it easy to site boxes?

Yes, really easy. Imagine you were the manager working in an office with several staff. Someone pops in carrying a children's charity snack box full of lovely tempting items and asks you if you'd mind them leaving it there for the staff to use in order to help raise money for the children's charity. Wouldn't you say yes! Its that simple.


How will I know where to find customers?

As part of your training we will take you out and show you potential sites

Answering the most common questions


Your own bespoke business.

Flexible hours Ongoing support.

No Franchise fees or any other fees.

Only pay for stock & display boxes.

Cost only £4,259 including VAT

Top quality products

Sales boosted by charity partnership.

Earn £30,000 - £35,000 per annum

Represent a great children's charity

Work hours to suit your family life

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